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Example input

  • A homophone is defined as a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. Here is a list of homophones: 1. Accept/Except 2. Affect/Effect 3. Allude/Elude 4. Alter/Altar 5. A lot/Allot Here's a list of homophones starting with the letter "b":

Example real generated results

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    1. Beetle/Belt 2. Bed/bed 3. Belt/Bolt 4.

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    1. Blame/Blow 2. Beow/Boo The following are examples of words containing multiple homophones. Note how these words are all grammatically correct and semantically equivalent, but each has its own spelling because they have different pronunciations.

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    1. Been/Begun 2. Ben/Benefit 3. Beside/Besiege 4.

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    1. Be/Beside 2. Besiege/Beset And here are some examples from the book: Accept / Except - accept except Affect / Effect - affect effect Alter / Altar - alter altar A lot / Allot - allot lots Besiege / Beset - besiege beset Be / Beside - be beside - end example -. The book includes many more examples, so if you need help

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