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Example input

  • VERSE: Alas my love, You do me wrong, To cast me off discourteously, for i have loved you so long, delighting in your company. CHORDS: Alas[Am] my[C] love, you [G]do [Em]me wrong, to [Am]cast me off dis[E]courteously, for [Am]i have[C] loved[G] you [Em]so long, de[Am]lighting in[E7] your [Am]company. VERSE:

Example real generated results

  • star

    So shall I mourn, and be weeping day and night, until the time of our parting come; when i shall leave you, my dear friend. LONDON VERSES (From a Collection) 1. LONDON--IT IS NOT A SWEET TOWN. 2.

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    O, then let us part no more, for thy heart is not mine own. For awhile we shall meet again, and then I will take thee hence; And all things that thou shalt say, I will answer with another word. CHORDS: O, then let us part no mo[nE7]r, [Am]for thy heart is [E7]not [F#m]mine own. For a while we shal[n]t re[mE7]meet ag[g

  • star

    And this is why i must leave you now, But when the morning comes again, then we will meet. I know that there is one who loves you more than all of us here. CHORDS: And this is why i m[F#m]ust lea[v9] you now, But [C#m]when the mor[m8]ning c[a]mes ag[i0]nst, th[E]e wi[t]l met. I kn[E7]w that ther[A]is on

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    I see the day is near at hand, when we shall meet no more; We must part hence for evermore. Let us say farewell to each other now, And let our eyes be filled with tears; Our hearts are heavy as lead, and weary of life. No longer can we live together happy days, Till death separates us both. FAREWELL TO A LOVE BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE SCENE I.--_A room

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