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Speech Writing - Text Generator API

Write a speech - Text Generator API for speech and stand up writing

Example input

  • I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow

Example real generated results

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    's problems may not be as great. I still want you to believe in me. I'm here for you if anything ever happens to me because this is who I am: a good person!" - Tony Robbins' TED Talk about motivation "When life gives you lemons...make lemonade."

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    , remember that the joys are always more than any difficulty. Happy birthday! You deserve it all.” Happy Birthday! I hope this day brings you lots of happiness, success, love, laughter, health, wealth and good fortune.

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    , let us be happy with what we have now. For the future is uncertain but the present is certain; for the past is gone forever. Amen. ~ Thomas Merton, Letter 52 (1955) Happy Days - A Song by Lenny Kravitz: Live in New York City 1981 (Live) (featuring Tom Petty) Happy days are here again And I can feel them all around me You know that I'm right there With you in your arms Wherever life takes me There's no place

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    , there is a way forward. There will always be something better than what was before. It just takes faith in ourselves and each other to achieve it. This is our story."

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