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Speech Writing - Text Generator API

Write a speech - Text Generator API for speech and stand up writing

Example input

  • I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow

Example real generated results

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    in our country’s future, I am hopeful that there is a new day coming. This morning on my way back from church, when I was at a stop light near West End Avenue, I saw this sign: “There will be no more lights.” This meant not only did they have no power, but also that if it rained or snowed, the lights wouldn’t work again for months! So many people were out without heat or running water as well. I’ve had some time

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    with great courage and determination as a people, our faith in God will not be shaken. So when I speak about this new beginning here tonight, it is really not just for me or any one man. It is also for all those who have come before us, for generations past and future, for those who are struggling now through hardship and uncertainty on their way towards greater prosperity and freedom.

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    , I am confident that one day all these things will be changed. And then when our children read about this time in history, they’ll know what a glorious country we were. We are living through an unprecedented time. But I’m not afraid because God is with me, and He’s going to help us get through it.

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    , let us not lose our faith in God. Let us continue on this path with humility and gratitude. Let’s pray for each other as a family, that is what it means to be a Christian Family, one united by Christ.

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