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Text generation from emoji and conversations examples

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Example input

  • feeling https://static.text-generator.io/static/img/s.png because

Example real generated results

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    the image was not found in this folder How can I find it? I have tried to search for images using Google but I cannot figure out how to use that. I'm using Windows 10 and Python 3 A: You don't need to go through all the files, you just want to check if the file exists or not: if os.path.exists('path/to/image.png'): # do stuff

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    the image is not available on imgur and so I have to use my own. A: If you want to generate images for your posts, then you'll need to write some JavaScript that generates the images. Then when you post the image, it will be added as a media attachment to the post. In order to do this properly, you'd first create a function in JS which accepts two parameters: var makeImage = (width, height) => { // Do something to get the URL here...

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    the color is not allowed to be used in the name. I know that I can do it by using if statements, but then I'd have to write all the possible colors for each letter separately and it's very tedious. A: You could use regular expressions: var pattern = /[^a-z]/gi; // any character except letters pattern.test("yellow"); // true If you want only the first occurrence you would use: (?<=\b)|(?<=[a-zA-Z

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    I could not find any images to match my description and it would have been very frustrating if the text generator had just made up its own. In this case, what should be done? What is the best practice for handling such situations? A: This sounds like a good use-case for using the Google Text-to-Speech API: https://developers.google.com/speech-services/text-to-speech/overview

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