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Top 10 Women - Text Generator API

Text Generator API for generating writing about top 10 women in history

Example input

  • Top 10 most important women in human history, and their greatest achievements:

Example real generated results

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    1. MARY BELL STUART (1613-1658), QUEEN OF SCOTS - She was the only queen of England to be born outside her father's kingdom, Scotland. 2. THOMAS AUSTIN (1592 -1661) - English philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, geographer, inventor and physician who made significant contributions to science and mathematics.

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    1. Mother Teresa – She is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for her work to end poverty through service among the poorest people in India. 2. Coco Chanel – Born into a poor family she became one of the world’s top fashion designers with her unique style.

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    The First Lady of the United States (she wasn’t President until 1933), she is one of my all time favorites. She’s a wonderful mother who has raised three children to be great men. She helped end slavery by becoming the first woman president and then passed legislation that ended child labor laws as well as prohibiting forced prostitution of slaves.

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    5. The first woman to travel the world was a Chinese lady named Wang Jianzhi (1805-1862), who traveled from China to India by foot through Tibet. 7. The third woman to travel the world was a Scottish lady called Elizabeth Fry (1786-1853) who went on her travels with her husband Sir Robert Peel.

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